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About Me:
Faculty at FMS since 1989,Dr Sharma has been engaged in teaching, research and  executive training and development in the area of Operations management,Total quality management ,supply chain management and of late, in integrated management systems  and operations excellence and strategy.
M. Tech (IIT), MBA, Ph.D
Areas of Interest/Specialisation:
Production and Operations Management,TQM ,Purchasing and Supply Chain Management.
Books/Working Papers:
1. Total Quality Management; Concepts, Strategy and Implementation for Operations Excellence, Sage Publications (In Press).
2. ‘Supply Chain Management; Concepts, Practices and Implementation’, Oxford University Press New Delhi (2010)
3. ‘Total Engineering Quality Management’, Macmillan, New Delhi (2003).
1. Key Speaker at National Seminar on Reliability and Maintainability, CSDO,Indian Air Force, New Delhi,18-19 Dec.,2017.
2. Presented a paper ,’Effectiveness of AR Forecasting Tool in Cracking the Bullwhip Effect in a Multi-location Supply Chain Network’ at International Conference on Business Analytics and Intelligence held at IISc, Bangalore in coordination with Analytics Society of India, IIM Bangalore, 19-21 Dec’,2016.
3. Chaired a technical session at Seminar on Aviation Maintenance Trends (AVIAMAT) organized by Indian Air Force held at New Delhi,15th-16th Nov.,2016
4. Key panel speaker at Practice Leader Forum (PLF) at NITIE, Mumbai organized in collaboration with POMS,USA,18-19 Dec. 2015
5. Co-presented a paper on ‘BWE Analysis in Supply Chain Management with Demand Forecasting’ at SCM Conference, IIM Bangalore from 18-19 Dec'14.
6. Presented a paper and chaired a Technical session at the 4th International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Operations Management held at Indonesia from 7th-9th Jan’14.
5 . Chaired two technical sessions at Asian Conference on Business Sustainability at Assumption University,Bangkok,Oct’13.
6. Panel speaker at National Seminar on ‘Global Supply Chain Management; Challenges & Prospects’ at UBS, Panjab University, Chandigarh (2012).
7. Presented a paper on ’Building Organisation Culture for Resource Efficiency Management through TPM’ at the 11th South Asian Management Forum organized by AMDISA (Association of Management Development Institutions in South Asia) and Nepal Administrative Staff College at Kathmandu,16th-18th May,2011.
8. Presented paper on ‘Case study of Six Sigma implementation in a Lean environment in Public Sector Electronics Unit’ at the 7th AIMS Conference held at IIM,Bangalore, Dec,2010.
9. Presented a paper on ‘Integration of TPM with QMS and EMS; Comparative Case Studies from Automobile Industry‘ at National Conference on Management Science and Practice (MSP-2008) , IIM Ahmedabad, March 22-24, 2008. (Also accepted for publication) . Chaired technical session no. SUN ACP T2 at the said conference in IIM Ahmedabad.
10. A paper on ‘Metrication of Service Level Agreements (SLAs) for Effective Impact Assessment’ published in Background Material, Tenth Consultancy Congress on ‘Outsourcing; Role of Consultants’, Consultancy Development Centre, New Delhi, Jan., 2008.
11. Presented a paper on’ Implementation of TPM in Automobile OEM Supplier Plants’ at X Annual Conference of the Society of Operations Management, IIM, Ahmedabad, Dec 21-23, 2006.
12. Paper presented on ‘Demystifying use of Six Sigma Toolbox’ at VII International Conference on Operations and Quantitative Management, (ICOQM), Jaipur, Aug. 3-5, 2006.
13. Presented paper on ‘Best Practices and Performance Benchmarking for Supply Chain Management in Indian Auto Industry’ at IV Worldwide Research Symposium on Purchasing and Supply Chain Management, 15th Annual IPSERA Conference and 17th Annual North America. Research/Teaching Symposium, San Diego USA, April 5-8, 2006.
14. Presented a paper on ‘Operational Implications of Upgradation of Process Capabilities’, IX International Conference of the Society of Operations Management, Pondicherry University, Dec 16-18, 2005.
15. Presented paper on ‘A study of Key Marketing and Operational Parameters for a Productive Supply Chain’ at 11th International Conference on Productivity and Quality Research, organized by IIT, Delhi and International Society for Productivity and Quality Research, USA, IIT, New Delhi, Dec. 12-15, 2005.
16. Paper on ‘Implementing TPM in Indian Manufacturing Corporates’ presented at 2nd International Conference on Quality Reliability and Information Technology organized by IIT Bombay, NITIE, Department of O.R. and DRDO, Indian National Science Academy, New Delhi, 18-20 Dec. 2003.
17. Presented a paper jointly with Dr N. Jawanshir on ‘Development of a Quality Management System (QMS) for Indian Hospitals’, National Convention on Quality Criteria for Indian Hospitals, QUALICON-2000, AIIMS, New Delhi, 11-13 Oct., 2000.
18. Presented a paper on ‘Development Status of TQM in Five Star Hotels’ at International Conference on Delivering Service Quality, IIM, Ahmedabad, Dec. 28-29, 1999.
19. Presented a paper jointly in Supply Chain Management at International Conference on Operations Management organized by Production and Operations Management Society (POMS), USA, IIT, New Delhi, Dec. 1999.
20. Presented a paper on ‘Layout Engineering and Accrual of Additional Profits through Assembly Line Balancing’, 2nd International Conference on Operations and Quantitative Management (ICOQM) Ahmedabad, Jan. 3-6, 1999.
21. Presented a paper on ‘Supply Chain Management in 2020’ at International Conference on One World: One Market organized by Academy of Marketing Sciences, USA and FMS, University of Delhi, New Delhi, Dec. 1998.
22. Presented a paper on ‘Challenges in TQM Implementation in Indian Industry’ at National Conference on Corporate Strategies in Changing Business Scenario, MNREC, Allahabad, Sept. 1997. Chaired a technical session.
23. Presented a paper on ‘Using Total Quality in Health Care for Global Marketing : Determinants and Measurements’ at International Conference on Architecting the Global Village : Perspectives, Problems and Prospects, organized by Administrative Staff College of India (ASCI), Hyderabad in collaboration with Academy of Marketing Science, USA, Jan. 1997.
24. A paper presented on ‘Integrating JIT with Total Quality’ at National Operational Research Seminar on OR and Management Decision Making, University of Delhi, Delhi, 19-20, Nov., 1993.
25. Presented a case study on Total Quality Management (TQM) at SAARC level AMDISA International Workshop on Manufacturing and Services, New Delhi, 1992.
Other Professional Experience:
1.Resource faculty at various programs held at DTU, IIPA and BHU and Member, BOS at Central Universities of Jammu and Himachal Pradesh. Member, Research Jury, National Instutute of Fashion Technology ,New Delhi. 2.Designed, developed and delivered a variety of MDPs in Operations,Quality and Supply Chain Management area. Participated as Resource Faculty and/or as Coordinator in MDPs for Organisations like NADP,ONGC,NHPC, NTPC, GAIL, ITDC, FDDI, Thomson Press, National Academy of Customs, Excise and Narcotics, Department of Posts, DRDO, Taj Group, ESI etc. Currently, Convener of MDP committee at FMS.
Research Papers/Projects:
1. ‘Role of Lead Firm in developing an agro-based cluster; A Study’,Sharma,Sunil and Gautam A., Journal Ni- Msme,V.45,No 1,March 2018.
2.‘Quantifying the Bullwhip Effect in Multi-location Supply Chain Network; the impact of demand forecasting’, Sharma, Sunil and Mittal P.; Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan’s Journal of Management and Research, New Delhi , pp 55-60, Jan-June,2016.
3. ‘An Analysis of Responsible Factors for Merchandisers’ Performance and Role in Apparel Industry’, Sharma,Sunil and Gandhi A., ‘Metamorphosis’, A Journal of Management Research, IIM Lucknow, pp 30-46,Jan-June,2013.
4. ‘An Analysis of Critical Success Factors for Six Sigma implementation’, Sharma, Sunil and Chetiya A., Asian Journal of Quality’, Korea, Vol. 13, Issue 3,pp 294-308,2012
5. ‘Role of Merchandisers in Apparel Industry; ‘Innovation’,Sharma,Sunil and Gandhi,A, Journal of Faculty of Management Studies, Rajasthan University, Jaipur, Vol 1,Issue 1, pp 3-20,Dec.,2012.
6. ‘Building Organisational Culture for Resource Efficiency Management through TPM (Total Productive Maintenance); Comparative Case Studies from India’, Proceedings of 11th South Asian Management Forum, Nepal Administrative Staff College, Kathmandu, pp. 148-167,May 2011.
7. Integration of TPM with QMS, EMS and OHSAS; Comparative Case Studies from Automobile Industry’, Proceedings of Conference on Management Science and Practice, IIM Ahmedabad,(Ed.)N. Ravichandran, Allied Publishers, New Delhi, pp 183-197,2011.
8. ‘Six Sigma Project Selection; An analysis of responsible factors’, Sharma Sunil and Chetiya A., International Journal of Lean Six Sigma, U.K.,Vol 1,No 4, 2010,pp 280-292.
9. ‘Organising and Implementing Six Sigma in a Lean Environment; A Case Study of a Public Sector Electronics Unit’, Selected Papers of the Seventh AIMS International Conference, IIM Bangalore, AIMS International ,Houston, Texas, USA, pp. 146-155 Dec.,2009.
10. ‘An Inter-Industry View of Business Results: Post Six Sigma Implementation’, Sharma,Sunil and Chetiya A., MAIMS Journal,Vol. 4,No.1,April, 2009.
11. ‘Simplifying Six Sigma Tool Box through application of Shainin DOE Tools’ , Sharma, Sunil and. Chetiya A., Vikalpa, Journal of IIM Ahmedabad, Vol 34,No.1,Ja.n-March,2009 ,pp13-30.
12. ‘Empirical Analysis of Volatility in Stock Markets using GARCH Models’ ,Sharma,Sunil, Agarwal K. and Mittal, P.,International Journal of Operations and Quantitative Management,Vol.14,No2,June 2008, pp. 109-116.
13. ‘Implementation of TPM in Indian Manufacturing Corporate; Strategies and Experiences’, Sharma, Sunil in Quality, Reliability and Information Technology ,Trends and Future Directions, Kapur, P.K. and Verma A.K. (Eds.), Narosa Publishing House, New Delhi, 2005.
14. ‘Some Perspectives in Quality Assessment and Management In Hospitality Industry’, in Management Mosaic, Tuteja, S.K. (Ed.) Excel Books, New Delhi, 2005, pp. 263-286.
15. ‘Lean Approach – Some Insights’, co-authored with Mohan, A., Journal of Advances in Management Sciences, Vol. I(1), 2003, pp 48-55.
16. ‘How to Synergise SCM with Customer Relationship’, co-authored with Mohan, A., Indian Management, Vol. 42, Issue 2,Feb 2003, pp 40-44.
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21.‘Cost Reduction through In-Process TQM Implementation in a Telecom Manufacturing Unit’, South Asian Journal of Management, Hyderabad, July-Dec. 1997 Issue, pp. 33-51.
22.‘Challenges in TQM implementation in Indian Industry’, in Corporate Strategies in the Changing Business Scenario, Vol. II, Institution of Engineers, Allahabad, Sept. 1997.
23.’Abstract of Ph.D. Thesis published in Journal Opsearch ,Sept 1996, pp.191-193.
24. ‘Management of Change through R&D in Indian Industry’ in Management of Change in South Asia, Association of Management Development Institutions in South Asia (AMDISA), (Ed.), Dhaka, 1994, pp. 495-504.
25. ‘Development of T.Q.M. in Indian Industries’, NMIMS Management Review, Mumbai, June, 1993, pp. 14-26.
26. ‘Total Quality Management- Some Thoughts’, Indian Management, New Delhi,Feb-March,1993, pp 62-65.