Journal of Management Research is a refereed journal at par with the best international journals on the subject. The journal seeks manuscripts that identify , extend, unify, test or apply scientific and multi-disciplinary knowledge pertaining to the management field.

Guidelines for Authors
The manuscripts should normally be 15 typed pages including figures and tables, typed in double-spaced or printed in 12-point font on 8.5" × 11" (A-4) size papers with 1.5 inch margin on all four sides. Two copies of the manuscript should be submitted. The cover page should contain title of the paper , author's name , designation , official address , contact address , phone/fax numbers and e- mail address. Also, a non-mathematical abstract of about 150 words should be submitted along with the manuscript. The manuscript should not contain footnotes. References should be placed at the end of the manuscript. The list should mention only those sources cited in the text of the manuscript.


Authors are responsible for making sure that they have not duplicated an article already published or accepted. Authors should certify on the cover page of the manuscript that the material is not published, copyrighted, accepted or under review elsewhere. Journal neither charges any processing fee nor pays any honorarium to authors. Unaccepted papers are not returned.


Copyright of all accepted papers for publication and use in any form/format/way , i.e. ,in text , image , other electronic format or other such formats or on such other media as may now exist or may hereafter be discovered , will vest with South Asia Publications. South Asia Publications is also authorized to market the contents of the journal to end-users through re-license or sale of information products using the media of CD-ROM , tape , on-line hosts, internet services and other electronic or optical media or formats now known or hereafter discovered. Permission to make digital/hard copy of published work is granted without fee for personal or classroom use.