Media Relations



A B-school can gain long term Competitive Sustainable Advantage based on three factors:

1. High quality Student intake
2. Strong Corporate interaction
3. Sound Academic Input

A strong media and communication channel is necessary to manage the first two, and the importance of this channel cannot be ruled out in the third factor either, because in a B-school knowledge essentially breaks the four walls of the classroom, for a more holistic education.

Marcus, the Media and Communication team at FMS attempts to do this and much more, and we take pride in being the Brand Managers of the fire brand - FMS Delhi. We ensure that FMS is seen and heard at the right places, at the right time so that various stakeholders - students, faculty, applicants, corporates and alumni can achieve maximum leverage from the FMS brand. We manage the website, look after all the communications and publications - internal & external and also serve as the official spokesperson of the institute.