HRSoc organized many activities in the Academic Year 2009-10. They are as follows:


Praxis was quite active on the Online Induction and Learning also. Praxis events saw active participation from the students of the batch of 2013. The events were:
1. IFIS Quiz Series: A total of 4 quizzes were launched in a sequence and the winners were rewarded. This helped students from the batch of 2013 to know about FMS in an interesting way.
2. HR Content Builders: a series of articles about HR were placed online for the students to get a taste of HR.
3. HR Case Study: A short case study was uploaded on the portal for the students to get an experience of analysis.


Mentor-Mentee Program
The Mentor-Mentee program is an initiative in which each student of the incoming batch is assigned a mentor from the senior batch. Admission to FMS is the first brush of the incoming students with a b-school life and the culture. HRSoc helps this transition to be a smooth one.
Having a mentor helps the incoming students know more about FMS before even stepping on campus. The program helped the new ones to dispel their doubts, address various issues, and answer the various questions. It acted as a good source of guidance as well as helps like transfer of course books.


Induction Fortnight
1. X&Y Game: This event was under the aegis of Dr. Kavita Singh. It witnessed extremely active participation from the batch of 2013. It was a fun way of teaching the the Game Theory/ Prisoner Dilemma.
2. Visual Quiz: A fun-filled quiz consisting of a gamut of challenging unusual questions, video based questions etc.
3. HR Case Study: A case study was given to the batch of 2013. It was judged by Dr. Kavita Singh and Professor K.Mamkoottam. It was a true blue formal presentation with an element of seriousness.
4. Book Review: It consisted of review of a book given to a group of students. Innovation in the review was encouraged along with an attempt to understand the underlying learning.


Lecture on FMS Expedition III
Mr. Sunder Hemrajani, our alumnus, presently with the Times Group, delivered a lecture on “FMS Expedition III –Overcoming The Challenges Within”. It was an inspirational talk on Group Dynamics & Leadership in the Face of Adversity. Mr. Hemrajani narrated some incidents from his days in FMS and specifically from ‘the Trek’, an annual ritual at FMS during those days, where team work and synergy helped his team overcome some very difficult times and how he was able to use his learning from his days at FMS in his job.


Workshop on Corporate Ethics
In the wake of increasingly conscience-focused marketplaces of the 21st century and the demand for more ethical business processes and actions, Dr. Kavita Singh, an eminent faculty for Organizational Behavior and Professor M.L Singla, a Senior faculty for I.T. in Management at FMS, organized a workshop on “Corporate Ethics”, it was an engrossing session where students got exposed to various moral and ethical problems that can arise in a business setting. The workshop involved analysis of a video case and was followed by active discussion. Various perspectives, including the perspective of the employee, the commercial enterprise, and society as a whole were analyzed.


HR Soc@ Fiesta
Praxis also organized various events during Fiesta-2010, which saw participation from some of the elite B-schools of the country like IIMA, IIMB, IIMC, IIML, FMS & XLRI to name the few. Some of these events were:

1. Celeb-ration: A strategy game, which saw participation from over 200 students from over 22 colleges across India. It was an online event involving 5 days of luck, fun and strategy.
2. Genesis: A Paper Presentation Competition which tested teams on their ability of in-depth analysis and response to rapidly changing situations. The topics for the year were in the domain of stress management and the compensation management.
3. Communique: This was an orchestration of a whole gamut of activities testing communication skills to creativity to the ability to interpret abstruse writings. The event saw an active participation from the students of many colleges and was enjoyed by everyone in the lawns of FMS.
4. Biz-Quiz: Praxis has the legacy of conducting the first ever national level “B-QUIZ" which saw participation not only from B-schools, but also from the corporate. This event attracted huge participation at the fest with nearly 100 teams registering for the preliminary round, after which the top 6 were short listed for the final round. The Quiz master was Mr. Gautam Bhimani.


Buddy Program
The buddy program involved providing a buddy from the junior batch to all the seniors. A buddy was assigned to assist the senior in the Final Placement Process. A buddy would provide the seniors with company specific information or function specific information like finance or marketing. The buddies tried to help their seniors at all levels so as to help them get their dream jobs.


Final Placement Preparation
HRSoc helped the batch of 2011 to prepare for the Final Placements. Various common interview questions were uploaded online. This provided the students one point source for preparation. The questions were accompanied by suitable answers, as well as tips, to crack the interviews. Important tips for cracking Group Discussions were also upload for the batch of 2011.